and unlock

BIM-data in the field

Maintain using  Augmented Reality​

Unlock your BIM model in the field in 2D, 3D, of AR  

Provide your employees with super powers! Look through walls and ceilings, retrieve all related information simply by pointing at an object. View your model from any angel, in 2D, 3D or AR, depending on your use case or preference.

Unlock information
Unlock all building information on site in 2D, 3D and AR. Also data from your DMS or IWMS.

Directly see deviations of your model compared to reality. Validate your model and create a Digital Twin.

Inspect efficiently using AR and link inspection data directly to the applicable 
BIM object.


Communicate  digitally with your colleagues and partners. Add the applicable BIM object and your viewpoint for context.

Beecot use cases

Erasmus Medical Center

Inspecting piping mounts in infrastructure tunnel using AR

 Read use case

Zuidplein Theater Rotterdam 

Model validation using AR

 Read use case

Swimming pool hart van Zuid

Model validation using AR

 Read use case

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