connect inspection data to your model 

Inspect efficiently using AR

Inspecting becomes faster and easier using Augmented Reality. Moreover you can connect your inspection data to the applicable BIM object, making the data more valuable.

Create your custom checklist per inspection

  • Define which objects and parameters need to be inspected so they are highlighted for quick finding
  • Define which aspects and parameters need inspection
  • Define which assets or aspects need photo proof

Be sure you have checked it all

Beecot Inspect tracks your progress. The floor plan gets coloured according to the inspection status. This way you are sure you have not missed a bit.

It works really efficient as you are guided to the next object to inspect automatically. 

Inspection data available 
in BIM

  • Connect inspection data to the applicable BIM object
  • Use the latest inspection as template for the next
  • All (historical) inspection data available for analysis
  • View photos in context, fotos are linked to the applicable BIM object and the location and viewpoint is sent as metadata
  • Demonstrable compliant

Fire safety

Inspect smoke detectors, fire hose reels, handmelders and fire compartments based on your BIM model

Legionella management

Inspect all tap points based on your BIM model. Know for sure you have all tap points in your database.

Condition score

Periodically perform condition scoring using BIM. Connect data and photos to the applicable object.

Beecot makes inspections easier and more efficient!

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