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About Catenda

Catenda, founded in 2009 in Oslo, specializes in cutting-edge software solutions for construction. Their flagship product, Catenda Hub, launched in 2013, revolutionizes project management with its cloud-based collaboration platform.

Catenda Hub's use of open formats fosters seamless data exchange among stakeholders, enhancing collaboration and project outcomes. Customization options through Catenda Boost empower users to tailor the platform to their needs.

Inter-stakeholder communication is facilitated by internationally recognized exchange formats, ensuring compatibility and smooth information flow. Catenda also offers complementary solutions like Catenda Duo and Catenda Site, further extending platform accessibility.

About the integration Beecot Catenda

Beecot and Catenda have partnered to combine Beecot's cutting-edge on-site visualization technology with Catenda's powerful APIs, empowering construction professionals with unprecedented insights and efficiency gains.

The integration of Catenda's Boost API into the Beecot platform enables on site visualization and access to all BIM data. This integration streamlines collaboration and ensures alignment between digital models and physical construction, reducing errors and improving project outcomes.

Enhanced Visualization and workflows
With Beecot's visualization capabilities, users are able to unlock their models on site in 2D, 3D, VR and AR. AR provides a digital interface to real world interactions, such as retrieving information, inspections and creating issues/topics. 

Validating BIM data
Visualizing your BIM model on site through AR allows you to see deviations between your model and reality, and noticing real world clashes in advance. Deviations can be managed using issues/topics. 

Advanced on site topics
The integration also impacts Catenda’s topic solution. Beecot’s AR mode allows you to create a topic by pointing at an object. Photos are linked to the applicable BIM object and the location and viewpoint of the camera are saved as well. This way the receiver can open and view the photo in Catenda in the context of the model. 

Empowering Innovation: The Beecot-Catenda partnership empowers access to cutting-edge technology and innovation in construction visualization and BIM collaboration

By leveraging the Beecot-Catenda integration, construction professionals can streamline workflows, eliminate manual data transfer processes, and reduce the risk of errors and rework.

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