Use Case 

Erasmus Medical Center

Inspecting piping mounts in an infrastructure tunnel using AR


An infrastructure tunnel with a length of approximately 1,100 meters and a width of over 10 meters is equipped with a variety of cables and pipes that supply the various buildings above with power, water, heating, etc. A large number of mounting brackets of the pipes are corroded due to flooding. The assignment is to inventory to what extent the brackets are corroded and where these brackets are located. This information will be used in a tender to replace the brackets.

Inspecting with Augmentend Reality

Beecot Inspect uses Augmented Reality as an interface for inspections. The augmented projection of the model allows you to digitally select a specific object by tapping at it on your screen. 

This way you are able to link the inspection data to the applicable BIM object. Photos are also linked to the applicable BIM object and the location and viewpoint of the camera are saved as well, so the receiver can open and view the foto in the context of the model. 


The output of the inspection can easily be reviewed by the tendering contractors. All data can be queried and analyzed according to the needs of each contractor. All high resolution pictures can be viewed in the context of the model. The applicable BIM object is highlighted in the native modeling software and the linked pictures are presented from the same viewpoint as the picture was taken. This allows all contractors to review and analyze the assignment as desk research, reducing costly inspection hours by all competing contractors.

This way Erasmus MC is ensured with a complete and accurate inspection file, which ensures them with competitive offers and reduces the risk of out-of-scope additional costs. 

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Erasmus Medical Center

Inspecting piping mounts in infrastructure tunnel using AR

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