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How Beecot overlays your BIM model on reality with AR?

Beecot bridges digital and physical with 3D BIM models via AR, VR and 2D/3D. Benefit from seamless integration with DMS, IWMS and issue platforms for optimal collaboration, cost efficiency and error prevention during construction. Beecot also supports model validations, allowing you to optimize projects and guarantee efficiency. Management and maintenance with Beecot!

Inspecting piping mounts using AR

Use Case: Inspecting Piping Mounts in Infrastructure Tunnel using AR at Erasmus Medical Center 

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Beecot maintain

Validate using AR. Get your IWMS data up-to-date. Directly see deviations of your model compared to reality.

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During phase transitions during realization, differences in insight often arise. The single source of truth that Beecot helps to create (and also monitors) prevents discussions and saves time.

Thomas Smits • Senior BIM regisseur Heijmans.

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