Snagging on IFC

without outdated PDF snapshots


Use IFC as a 2D map

Traditionally, snagging involves using a PDF snapshot of the current situation, but we've taken it to the next level. With our innovative solution, you can use the IFC as the 2D map, ensuring that you're always working with the latest and most accurate information.

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Make pictures of issues

Bring your architectural plans and BIM models to the construction site, generate lists of issues needing attention with accompanying images and remarks directly from your smartphone or tablet, and promptly share them with your subcontractors.


You can also integrate various file formats such as Revit, IFC, Navisworks, PDF, and DWG into a unified interface, allowing you to view 2D drawings alongside 3D models directly on-site using your mobile device. 

Space management

All spaces, space numbers and space usage data durable under control. Enrich data optionally with parameters like floor type or wall finishing.

Asset Management

All assets durable under control, so you can truly perform planned maintenance. Control your data and be less dependant on your contractor.

Beecot makes snagging easy!

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