Use Case 
Theater Zuidplein


Beecot has carried out a complete verification of the entire building in the Zuidplein theater in Rotterdam. Not only the theater halls, but all technical rooms, dressing rooms and entrance areas have been gone through. Various deviations were noted, issues of which were immediately created by Beecot with description, labeling and photos.


Because Beecot exchanges these issues in bcf format with the issue management system of the company, it was easy for the client to distribute the issues, partly for direct handling of, for example, damages and partly to different modelers for the initial purpose. The Revit plugin from BIMcollab zooms directly into the Revit model to the photo point of view and highlights the asset to which the issue relates.

By linking BIM to AR we have quick insight and no limitations of challenges.

Beecot makes Maintenance easy and efficient!

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