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Management of space data 

The management of space data of a large building or campus is complex and crucial. With countless buildings, diverse tenants or users and constant changes in the real estate, it is a challenge to maintain a continuously accurate overview of the portfolio. 

The impact of this data is significant, because it forms the basis for various work processes, including charging costs, space reservations and reporting disruptions. That is why it is essential to have sustainable control over this data. 


Space management

Beecot validate

Beecot Space Management Validation 

Beecot has developed a validation process for space management based on BIM models or DWGs. Beecot validate. The property is validated using the Beecot app, where you can define a validation checklist in advance. This checklist includes aspects such as room dimensions, room numbers and the direction of door opening. 

The app automatically identifies the room you are in and shows the available data. The person performing the validation can easily indicate which parameters are correct. If anomalies are identified, the app provides digital workflows to capture these changes and communicate them to the person responsible for the data. 

Overview of validation status 

After each validation, the map colors based on the status (validated, not yet complete, or waiting for deviations).

This gives you immediate insight into the status of the validation and which part of the portfolio still needs to be checked.

This ensures that the entire portfolio has actually been checked.

BIM validation check

Are you interested in the possibilities of the Beecot space management validation?

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The quick scan gives you the opportunity to experience the power of space management validation and also gives you an idea of ​​the quality of your current space management data. You will receive a validation report.

Validation by Beecot

It is also possible to have (part) of your real estate portfolio validated for Beecot in this way

Validation using the app

You can perform the validation yourself with the Beecot app.

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